Social Impact Design Lab

Lawyer’s Design School’s Social Impact Design Lab is established to design solutions to improve social justice in the world.

Most people are excluded from information critically relevant to them as they find legal to be a secret language that only lawyers speak. We improve the way legal system works with legal design and make sure everyone has a fair chance.

Faces of girls and women

We believe that people are natural problem-solvers; yes, this is optimism speaking.

It’s not always simple, but if we work together, we can create solutions to even the most significant, integrated problems.

Gender equality will save our world. We are witness to how unequal and oppressive systems have undermined womankind throughout history, and now it is time to change those systems.

We can do this.

We exist because disadvantaged people need someone to advocate for their rights.

We can speak for the voiceless and change lives.

We work with NGO’s, schools and legal service providers and anyone who is interested in this work. If you want to improve social justice by design, we want to hear from you.

Our social impact projects

How might we widen the career dreams for immigrant girls in Finland

Many immigrant girls have very limited perception of their career possibilities. The career paths that are actively offered to the girls are often only few: practical nurse, nanny or school assistant and they become the only options that the girls also see as possible for them. The western, almost self-evident idea of one’s own dreams and their pursuit is strange to many of these girls.

In our project, our goal is to understand how we might widen the career dreams for immigrant girls in Finland. The target group consists of girls who are first or second-generation immigrants.

We aim to

  • Increase understanding of:
    • a career path for an immigrant girl
    • of the factors related to the legal system and support services affecting the path and the choices     
  • develop ideas for practical solutions:
    • to improve the legal framework affecting the girls’ career paths
    • to improve support services affecting the girls’ career paths
Faces of girls and women

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