“The way to move information from your head to your heart is through your hands.”

Brene Brown

LEGAL DESIGN workshops

Have you been looking for a better way to deliver your legal services? A change in your legal career?

Future law is about productizing your legal services and making them legal products. In my workshops I share the “how-to” change your legal services into legal products and transform your career. Control your time and your career. Plus, make the law more accessible to more people. It’s legal design in practice.

Change starts happening when you initiate it, when you get involved and commit to the change and make it happen. 

Your future in law is waiting for you! I’m here to help.

Your top challenges I help solve.


How to productize your legal expertise into scalable legal products


How to kill billable hours and design a scalable business model for your business in law


How to incorporate legal design into your law and design better and accessible legal services


How to find ideas or legal innovation for your business in law


How to create your blue ocean in law and tap into huge market potential of your ideal customers

Woman working at remote desk on laptop


All of my workshops are available online so you can participate wherever you are. 

I use easy and efficient tools for video calls and facilitating design workshops with one-on-ones as well as with groups. All you need to do is participate and be ready for the discussions and creative work, we will take care of the technology.

Grab a virtual coffee with me and let’s figure out the next step!

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