The Ultimate Starter Kit for Contract Design

Unlock the secret to contracts your clients will love

Stop confusing your customers with long and boring contracts.

Make user friendly contracts your superpower.

And help your customers do deals faster.

This free Starter Kit will show you where to start simplifying and modernizing your contracts.


What is contract design?

Contract design is a customer-centric approach to contracts that uses legal design as its foundation.

With contract design you can:

  • Make contracts easier for the user to understand
  • Structure and present contracts in a new way
  • Takes complex legal writing and simplify it with plain language
  • Use visual law by applying different visual elements in your contracts

User-friendly contracts allow your customers to understand their contracts and close deals easier and faster!

Hi, I’m Hannele, founder of the Lawyers Design School.

I am an ex-corporate lawyer and law firm founder turned legal designer and teacher.  I am a contract geek: I’ve worked with contracts for over 20 years and now I facilitate contract design workshops for lawyers and other contract peeps.

I know the frustration with everything that goes along with contracts. Confused clients, legalese and endless negotiation that causes more hassle than good.

Applying contract design will change the way you work with contracts and the way you do business because it happened to me. I’ve seen the impact of user-friendly design in all of my workshops and courses and I know you can design your contracts and deliver amazing outcomes for your clients. It doesn't cost a small fortune, just a change in thinking and approach. 

Ready to change the way you serve your clients?