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Ready to finally embark on the change you want for yourself and your team?

Eager to let go of the old rules of legal space that don’t align with your values?

Keen to add diversity, creativity, and human touch to your law practice?

With the legal design, you can.

Lawyers Design School is a safe space to shift your mindset, practice new ways of doing law and learn legal design.

So that you can get curious, ask better questions, humanize your legal speak, innovate new solutions and help your clients with their real human problems.

If you want to do law in your own unique way that both you and your clients love, legal design is the solution for you.

What is Lawyers Design School?

Lawyers Design School offers lawyers a better way to do law and be part of the change in the profession. 

Through legal design workshops and courses, we give you the skills to serve clients with a human touch and allow you to embrace your authentic and distinctive working style. 

It’s an easy start to legal design that’s practical, hand’s on, and ready to implement in the work you’re doing today. 

  • We don’t need huge chunks of your (already precious) time
  • We bridge the conceptual and the practical – fast
  • You apply it to your current work, not theoretical scenarios

We teach you how to make simple changes that make a big difference.

Lawyer's Design School Legal Designing

What is legal design?

Legal design is a creative mindset, a consistent process, and a practical toolbox that makes the law more human, accessible, and understandable.   

Instead of doing this the way they’ve always been done, legal design requires you to look at problems with a fresh perspective and deliver legal solutions that empower, instead of confusing customers. 

The legal design puts people first. Legal services are designed with the everyday person in mind so they’re meaningful, relevant, and actually help.

Legal design can be:

  • Innovative legal products or services
  • Redesigned contracts using plain language and visualizations
  • Understandable, human-friendly legal services
  • Easy to understand legal information
  • User-friendly legal technology
  • Redesigned legal work and processes
  • Accessible and inclusive legal system

When you find your way to make a real difference to people, you’ll find real meaning in your legal work.

Lawyer's Design School Legal Design Workshops

Learn legal design

Private legal design workshops for your legal teams

Open legal design workshops for all lawyers

Why is legal design important?

Lawyers are miserable and the legal system isn’t working

The working culture is outdated and burned-out lawyers are leaving the law. You’re tired of the stress and pressure, right?

Adopting a designer mindset allows you to do your work in a more meaningful way –  and deliver legal services that your customers want. 

Leaving the law isn’t the answer – it’s changing the way you do law.

Legal services are complicated and expensive

Customers are demanding solutions they understand, without the expensive legal mystery. They’re switching to new legal services and technology every day: Virtual law firms and legal products.

Old school lawyers are risking irrelevance 

Lawyers like you want to be part of the change.

Lawyers Design School We teach the stuff we should have learned at law school

Why Lawyers Design School?

We teach the stuff we should have learned at law school

  • How to “do law right” (because there is a better way)
  • How to make our customers happy
  • How to find meaning in our legal career

Learning by doing, we are innovators, specializing in functional, practical, and effective training in legal design thinking.  

Qualified to teach using adult learning principles, and equipped to teach online globally, we embrace authenticity, joy, collaboration, closeness, and continuous learning.   It’s fun.  No stuffy law school lectures here.

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