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Sustainable law: our commitment

Through our broader social justice and accessibility projects, we use legal design to bring the law to the people, improve access to justice, and tailor sustainable outcomes for humans who need it the most.

Lawyers Design School is not just about teaching, it’s about doing.

Our sustainability goals

The challenges we face as a profession are not limited to efficiency and user needs.
They extend to legal values like the rule of law, access to justice, social peace, and ultimately social impact and sustainability. There’s a long way to go so we work to give a voice to the voiceless and advocate for the disadvantaged. We are changing lives and making sustainability normal.

Recent social sustainability projects

Sustainable Futures by Legal Design event 2021

Lawyers Design School organized together with Legal Design Podcast a virtual event Sustainable Futures by Legal Design in November 2021. Hannele was a co-host of the event together with Henna Tolvanen and Nina Toivonen.

The event connected futures thinking, sustainability and legal design. The purpose of the event was to inspire legal professionals to go beyond the law and legislation and explore how legal design and futures thinking help when taking action for more sustainable futures.

We enjoyed keynotes from brilliant speakers Krizna Gomez, Marie Potel-Saville and Niklas Kaskeala about their experience and insight on building sustainable futures.

Keynotes were followed by a Futures Thinking Workshop, where the participants tuned into futures frequency. They came up with new insights as well as concrete actions and became futuremakers in action.

Lawyer’s Design School Sustainable futures by legal design event

Lawyer’s Design School Improving the career opportunities for immigrant women in Finland

Improving the career opportunities for immigrant girls in Finland 2020

In our work with immigrant girls and women in Finland, we’ve learned career expectations are limited to cultural ideas and traditional “female” roles: nurse, nanny or school assistant. The western idea girls can do anything is strange to many immigrant girls.

In our project, we applied sustainable law to deliver real social impact. Our goal was to understand how we can broaden the career dreams of immigrant girls in Finland. The target group was girls who are first or second-generation immigrants.

We aimed to:

Increase understanding of:

  • the career path for an immigrant girl
  • the impact of the legal system and support services on the career path and career choices;

Develop ideas for practical solutions using legal design thinking:

  • to improve the legal framework affecting the girls’ career paths
  • to improve support services influencing the girls’ career paths

Gain approval for the solutions with various stakeholders and funders
Implement the solution

We can help

We work with NGOs, schools and legal service providers active in improving social justice by design. If you are interested in this work, we want to hear from you because we can help.