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These are the terms related to your use of Villa Verto’s website and services. We ask you to carefully read these terms.

Service provider:
Villa Verto
Business ID: 2454185-6
Location: Helsinki, Finland

During your visit to the website and in case you use our services you accept these terms and conditions.


This website includes general information on Villa Verto and its services. We have produced this material only for informational purposes, on “as is” basis. So that is to say that you should not consider any information as specific advice to your situation.

Although we do our best, we cannot guarantee that the information is always 100% accurate and we cannot assume responsibility if the information sometimes includes errors or is incomplete.


We own or have licensed copyright and any other intellectual property rights in the material published on the site and/or used in our services, unless we indicate otherwise.

This means that you are prohibited from copying, storing, transmitting or redistributing any information or material from our site without our prior written consent, except for the private use in accordance with the Finnish Copyright Act (404/1961).


When you access this website or use our services, you agree that laws of Finland (except for the part concerning conflict of laws provisions) govern such access or use.

We disclaim any and all liability that may arise out of your use of our services or this website and/or materials and links contained in this website, except for liabilities that are imposed based on mandatory legislation.

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