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Lawyer’s Design School is part of Villa Verto

Villa Verto is a legal design company based in Helsinki, Finland.

The services are developed specifically for the legal community.

We are passionate about developing customer-centered legal space, improving access to justice and creation of positive social impact in the society.

The expertise in Villa Verto’s team is multidisciplinary. We combine Legal and Compliance, Design, Technology, Leadership and Management and Pedagogy.

Who’s behind Lawyer’s Design School

Hannele Korhonen

Hannele Korhonnen


“Listening is my superpower.”

Hi I am Hannele and I am the founder of the Lawyer’s Design School and the legal design blog Something Simple First.

I am an ex-lawyer turned legal designer, teacher and and blogger. I’m a mother, choir singer and feel good jogger. Almost a decade ago I walked away from my corporate legal career and decided to change the way legal services are provided. I was frustrated with how difficult it was for people to get legal services and have access to their rights and I wanted to change that. So I started my path to change my legal career, the way I do legal work, create and run my legal business and most importantly the way I serve people with their legal issues.

Since then I have had my own customer-centric law firm, I have co-founded a legal tech company, co-founded a social impact startup and most recently founded my legal design business. What do all of these have in common? Design process! Starting small and thinking big. Legal design is about all this: legal content and communication, legal services, legal system, legal business and also designing lawyers themselves.

Legal design gives lawyers no less than the methods and tools to change their future. To survive and stay relevant in the highly competitive and changing environment and most of all to be successful in their legal life on their own terms. To have a meaningful work and role and skills and tools to work smarter not harder. Sadly enough, they don’t teach any of this in law school!

You don’t have to become a coder or a graphic designer to use technology and design methods in your work, you can learn new skills on the side and start applying them to your work immediately. My advice and method is to start with Something Simple First.

This is what I am set out to do, to give you inspiration and practical tools to start your own change process by using legal design. I am committed to sharing everything that I know and have learned and keep learning everyday about how to deliver law differently. I will make it easy for you to digest everything and take action right away.

We make the law approachable.

Grab a virtual coffee with me and let’s figure out the next step!

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