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Lawyers Design School

Be a better lawyer, stay relevant,

and lead the change

It’s a tough gig motivating a team of lawyers, being efficient and cost-effective, and keeping the boss and the clients happy, right? Oh, we know, we’ve been there. We know your team can have a fulfilling legal career, life and make a difference to your customers. It’s all in the approach. At the Lawyers Design School, your team will discover a new mindset and new way of doing that will transform the way they approach their work.

Future-proof your team, your firm, and yourself

Legal design allows your team to stay relevant, agile and lead the change.

Our focus is legal design made easy: by providing practical, relatable training (using your workplace and documents) introducing a sustainable design mindset for problem-solving. As change agents, your lawyers will return with new skills ready for implementation in the workplace.

It’s fun, hands-on, and it’s ready for use.
Making the law approachable and understandable – it’s the future of law.

Lawyers Design School Future-proof your team, your firm and yourself
Lawyers Design SchoolEmpowering lawyers globally

Empowering lawyers globally

Now your legal team can access the same easy to understand techniques I used to learn and embed legal design through the Lawyers Design School. Just as the law should be user-friendly and relatable to the customer, legal design should be part of any lawyer’s toolbox. It’s the future of law.

The Face behind Lawyers Design School:

Hannele Korhonen

Lawyers Design School Hannele Korhonen

Based in Helsinki, Finland, I’m a lawyer, legal designer, and teacher aiming to change the law one lawyer at a time, through legal design. With over 20 years of experience in various legal positions, I’ve tons of experience designing legal content and services. Creating new innovative businesses using design thinking is one of my jams. I’m a serial entrepreneur.

I believe the law belongs to everyone and must be relatable, understandable, and usable by all, especially the customer. Legal design is the key. As your teacher, I’ll share my practical tools and experience so you can start your change using legal design. Wherever law is taking you, I’ll give you the methods to get there.

Lawyers Design School is part of Villa Verto

Villa Verto is a legal design company developing services specifically for the legal community.

We work to create an approachable and usable legal space, where customers matter most. We strive to improve access to justice and create positive, sustainable legal outcomes across society, through legal design.

The expertise in Villa Verto’s team is multidisciplinary. We combine legal and compliance, design, technology, leadership, management, and pedagogy.