Your easy start with legal design for lawyers (they’ll thank you later)

No one likes the legal team?

Do your peers sigh when they learn your legal department is reviewing an issue? Mumbles about “the legal department being slow. Too much complication. Full of legal mumbo jumbo. It will take forever. The deal will fall over.”

Deep down, you agree. Change is necessary. Imagine life surrounded by an innovative, flexible, responsive legal team? Who are focused on providing speedy, relatable outcomes?

But where do you find an easy start with legal design training? Clear, practical, effective education in legal design. Boss friendly training. An initiative she can see the value.

You know it’s time to find a management tool to help you motivate and rejuvenate your team. You want to help the team find meaning in work.

Hey, it’s tough being the leader of an in-house legal team. The pressure to perform, innovate and be cost-efficient. You feel it every day, right? It’s not only leading and inspiring. It’s managing a mixed bag of high achieving lawyers of all ages and experience. Keeping the young and eager motivated, and the older crew open to new ways.

Will legal design thinking motivate my legal team?

Yes. The key for in house legal teams to work smarter and think outside the box. It is customer-focused and encourages lawyers to explore new things and deliver better solutions. Leave the stodge behind and embrace fresh, exciting approaches. Great for lawyers, great for business.

Legal design thinking is innovative, vibrant and collaborative. It transforms the culture of your team. No longer the stuffy suits in the legal unit. New mindsets, new skills and a new culture in your lawyers. It is the future of law (and happy lawyers).

The Lawyers Design School

Say hello to the Lawyers Design School. The place for training in design thinking for lawyers and in-house legal teams. It is an easy, practical start to your culture shift. A new way of thinking about issues and customer-focused outcomes are the order of the day.

Legal design training at the Lawyers Design School?

We are innovators, specializing in functional, doable training in legal design. Your lawyers will be ready to action positive, immediate changes in the workplace. It is fun. No stuffy law school lectures here. We embrace authenticity, joy, collaboration, closeness and continuous learning.

Our style is interactive. We learn by doing together: brainstorming, collaborating, experimenting.

Hours of theory? Not us. We use engaging pedagogical learning techniques. We understand what motivates adults to learn, and we will give them the skills. Are you ready for happy, agile, responsive and customer-focused lawyers?

Using online workshops, we offer training all over the world. We explore how legal design thinking can improve everyday work and the benefits to the business. We identify our customers, dig deep into their persona. In legal design, empathy with our customer is crucial. It starts and finishes with the customer.

Then the fun part. We pull apart current practices using legal design thinking. With a focus on speed, we identify potential opportunities to improve service delivery and systems. Every step of the way, we are in the shoes of our customers. How can we serve them more effectively? How could we change the way we do things to enhance business outcomes? We test ideas quickly. Learn from mistakes and keep testing until we find a resolution to obstacles.

A beautiful by-product of legal design thinking is happier and more motivated lawyers. 

It replaces competition with collaboration. And a willingness to experiment and try new things. The team comes together daily to look at a problem. Sharing and testing ideas for customer experience. Teamwork is essential to success. It happens naturally.

Even better, the change is noticeable in the workplace. Other business units soon get on board. Involving key stakeholders, decision-makers in the journey produces the most significant benefits. The business is ready for rapid, explosive, cultural change.

What are the benefits of legal design thinking training for the business?

Design thinking ticks all the business benefit boxes. It provides lawyers with tools for a new view of problem-solving. We peel away the old ways and replace them with solutions grounded in the customer. To do this properly, your team will gravitate to their customers. Collaboration happens. Walls come down.

You’ll see creative juices flow. Your team will be looking for ways to innovate and experiment with new ways of doing together. Goodbye “dog-eat-dog” and hello to “let’s chat about this and find the best way”.

Above all else, training at the Lawyers Design School will give your team:

  • Concrete results your legal team can use immediately
  • Real customer understanding and data to improve your services
  • Lawyers with a new way of thinking and doing their legal work
  • The groundwork for meaningful and transformational organizational change

A change in thinking is the first step in the transformation of your legal team. Your team will be welcome at the table. Meet your intuitive, flexible, speedy team of lawyers. Ready to produce the best possible result for the customer and the business every day.

Hooray for change.

Meet your teacher: Hannele Korhonen

Based in Helsinki, Finland, I founded the Lawyers Design School. My name is Hannele Korhonen.

I am a lawyer, legal designer and teacher. I lost the meaning in my legal work in big law. I believe the law belongs to everyone and should be user-friendly and understandable. Since then, I founded my law firm and co-founded a legal tech company applying customer-centricity and design principles to my own business and services.

I have over 20 years of experience as a lawyer, inhouse, compliance and my firm. I’ve tons of experience in designing legal content and services. Creating new innovative businesses using design thinking is one of my jams.

I’m now sharing my techniques for the development of new legal technology and in legal design. The law should be user-friendly and relatable to the customer. So should legal design thinking. I offer online training globally. Curiosity, creativity, human-centeredness, collaboration and empowerment are at the heart of my work.

Ready to find meaning in your work? Produce superior customer-driven outcomes? Ready for your lawyers to shine?

It is all here. Drop me a line to learn how we can introduce legal design thinking to your legal team.

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