Re-imagine your contracts with Contract Design School

Simplify and visualize user-friendly contracts

Do you want to help your clients finalise contract negotiations quickly and with ease?

Do you want to make your contracts easy but don’t know where to start?

Do you want to add a creative and human touch to your practice? 

We can help.

Contract Design School

Contract Design School is a tailor-made program for lawyers looking to design user-friendly contracts that make the law easy for customers. 

This five-week program is a practical, achievable and easy path to start applying contract design in your everyday legal work.

You don’t need to work on a theoretical project that consumes more of your time. You’ll work on a contract you use in your work – and re-design it.

Taking a step-by-step approach, you will 

  • Analyze your own contract for opportunities to redesign
  • Complete the user research for your contract
  • Compose a user-friendly structure for your contract
  • Craft a simplified version of your contract language
  • Create visual elements to support the understanding
  • Test and validate your prototype with your users

You’ll be confident to use contract design to create contracts that allow your customers to reach their goals.

And because you’ve added a designer mindset to your toolkit, you’ll add a creative and human touch to your practice.

legal design thinking workshop

How the program works

The course has six modules you can work through in your time with guided support along the way.

It’s an ideal balance of information and practical exercises for busy lawyers who want to start redesigning contracts immediately

  • You’ll get the boost and confidence to shift from traditional lawyer to designerly lawyer with innovative and customer-driven mindset
  • You’ll get information about contract design: What it is, how it relates to your work and the concrete benefits for your legal work.
  • hands-on experience in turning your complex contracts into actionable, easy-to-understand documents with visual elements. 
  • support and feedback for your learning journey and design craft.

What participants have said

“The training was very creative, I loved it.”

“This workshop was an eye-opener for me. I have read about this but now I learned to implement it in practice.”

“I thought that visualization takes a lot of time. Now it is almost done in half an hour.”

“This is so much fun.”

Re-shaping contracts and creating your future

Human-centred contract design will allow you to 

  • Use your designer mindset to find fresh perspectives on your work and work products
  • Save time by working smarter, not harder
  • Innovate and experiment with new ways of working
  • Make big impacts on your customer experience
  • Confidently tackle complex contracts to make them your own
  • Move forward with joy and excitement in your innovation journey
  • Be part of the change in the legal profession

Imagine the possibilities when you’re confident to leap from “frustrated traditional lawyer” to “inspired human-centred lawyer”?

You’ll be the lawyer your clients and the world need you to be.

You’ll have the courage to defend your approach.

You’ll carve out a distinctive niche for yourself.

You’ll do your law in your authentic way.

And finally, enjoy your law.

Not Sure If You’re Ready?

If you’re wondering if now’s the right time for your team to start learning legal design, then ask yourself this question. Is it better to stay on the traditional treadmill of lawyering, where burnout, dissatisfied clients and long hours are a daily occurrence or spend 15 minutes on the phone and see if we have what you are looking for? The sooner you book a discovery call, the sooner you can make your decision.

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